Design and development for the new Such and Such Restaurant

Such and Such is a bold restaurant and wine bar from the team at Pilot. The venue is complimented by a share-friendly menu and a prominent wine list, with a mix of Australian and international drops.

They engaged with Mark Brook at Mymymy Architecture to design the space, featuring colourful terrazzo floor tiles, butter-yellow shelving and curvy banquette seating that all add a fun retro slant.


Skeehan Studio were engaged to bridge a gap between the work of the architects and a fully functional space.


We developed a range of outdoor and indoor furniture that would respond to the material palette and specific audience needs. This helped create a cohesive environment, bringing the architects vision to life.

We were also engaged to engineer the custom banquet seating that would become a hero piece of the space.


Ideation & concept generation
Market research
Furniture & product design
Design for manufacture (DFM)
3D Modeling
3D Rendering
Creative team sourcing
Product positioning