With an award winning portfolio across Furniture, Exhibition, Education and Strategic design projects. Tom Skeehan is the creative director of SKEEHAN Studio, Leading the company to deliver a diverse range of projects across multiple disciplines and mediums.
Our studio is built on creative partnerships. We understand the value of ongoing collaborations and value exchanges. We have worked with leading brands and manufacturers to deliver projects that are honest and ongoing.
SKEEHAN creates design solutions that seek to reconnect people with the material world around them. We’re truly committed to transparency in our processes, materials and partnerships; guiding projects through a constant exchange of ideas. Our design solutions are born of extensive research into both the raw components and the end user, so there’s purpose built into everything we create.


We have a rigorous, research-driven approach to design.
We transform human needs into intelligent design solutions.
We have close, ongoing partnerships with local designers and manufacturers.
We follow a materially driven and honest approach to design.


SKEEHAN partners with leading brands and manufacturers in Australia and beyond. Our close partnerships allow us to navigate a creative project from start to finish, sinking our teeth into complex problems and fashioning them into simple, elegant solutions – thoughtfully crafted from end to end.