Designed and launched a modular furniture collection for Stylecraft.

The NAVE Collection is centred around a material driven narrative celebrating Australian manufacturing and flexibility.

Inspired by architectural drawings of timber framed boats and expressionism Bauhaus artwork. Exploring the minimum structure required to support upholstery treatments and linking the frame together with a continual silhouette. The comprehensive NAVE collection also extends to a modular collection perfect for the ABW environment.


Design and launch a modular furniture collection for the commercial sector.


The NAVE Collection is designed to be scaled to any project. Utilising a material-driven narrative, the details extend across the collection.

We delved into the essence of both consumers and internal perspectives, setting a clear vision for the entire collection.

We designed around the strengths of Australian Manufacturers ensuring that the collection could be made locally.

Launching our collection, we meticulously planned its introduction to resonate deeply with our target audience.


Ideation & concept generation
Market research
Furniture & product design
Design for manufacture (DFM)
3D Modeling
3D Rendering
Launch Strategy
Creative team sourcing
Product positioning