As humans continue to expand into designing experiences, objects, and environments in Virtual Reality: what role will physical objects play within the digital built environment?

The immersive experience of VR presents opportunities to design objects and environments beyond constraints in traditional manufacturing and sustainability.

As the digital industry has now evolved into one worth of $21 billion dollars annually through the sales of 3D models and NFTs, how do we as designers and consumers of the design reflect on the value of physical objects.

META Chair proposes an object that openly copies the known proportions of several iconic furniture pieces, and can easily be adapted to many more. The META Chair is currently set in the position of the iconic Eames Lounge Chair, one of the most famous and iconic pieces of furniture in history. At $9,900 to purchase an authentic Eames Lounge Chair, the 3D Model is readily available to download for free on the manufacturers website. How will design evolve in the digital space, will we still collect physical designed objects, and does this justify the work to be a replica?