Meet our Product Designer

Our company has gone through massive growth and change over the last few years, being fortunate enough to have projects both nationally and internationally. We’ve been reflecting on the team who carry these creative projects. We hold great value in every person being a leader in their specific area, who can contribute different insights, approaches and skills, so collaboratively we can move towards a common goal.

One of those individuals is George. He is a product designer here at Skeehan who over the past three years has helped develop a number of products, including our latest collection HIVE. He was an integral part of the process - from early ideation and research stages to the development of the final product.

Here, he tells us a bit more about himself, his processes and what goes into developing a furniture collection for a constantly changing environment.

How would you describe what your role entails?
My role within SKEEHAN primarily sits under product design and refinement, although saying that I love being involved in every service that SKEEHAN offers.

What was your role in developing HIVE?
Market-driven research, concept development/refinement and project management throughout the duration.

As an overview, what went into developing the collection?
The process started with intensive market research and gaining an understanding of the evolving change in the workspace, particularly post-covid. Through that, we were then able to narrow in on the various needs that were needing to be addressed.

Is that standard when approaching any kind of product or collection? If not, how so?
The outcome may always be different but the process always follows a similar path. One of my favourite things about design is that each product, space and experience is uniquely tailored to the people and the environment it is intended for. Narrowing in on those specific needs is a big part of the process.

What do you think the workspace will look like in ten years?
I predict the workspace will become heavily influenced by digital technology affecting the general workflow of the users. Providing a space that supports this, rather than disrupts, will be key in designing successful spaces - as well as being able to adapt as these things go through changes.

When do you work best?
I work best submerged in music and with a long black by my side; this helps aid my creative flow and stay focused best.

And a bit about yourself -

What led you to design?
My father is a phenomenal jeweller craftsman. Growing up in such an amazing creative environment from birth, it was difficult to see myself ending up anywhere outside of design.

A design piece that has recently gotten you excited?
Anything A.I related is very exciting to me. The A.I. chair for Kartell by Philippe Starck is an interesting project that shows how successfully we can use this technology within our industry.

Software or other tool that you wish you would have found sooner? - every project I work on is managed in Monday.