Our latest collaboration with Instyle is a new acoustic panel combining V-Groove patterned lines with sound absorption.

When investigating the digital CNC processes of carving into the Acoustic Duo panel, we were interested in the fact that this advanced manufacturing process had a primitive quality to it. It was reminiscent of traditional carving techniques - how an artist would carve into lino or wood. This connection between digital and traditional processes inspired the early ideations of TWIST.

As a studio our designs are often informed by the materials and processes we use. We wanted to expand this narrative, exploring how our existing design language could be portrayed within this new format. We began by pulling out distinctive, repeatable patterns that were found within our surrounding landscape. We were drawn to patterns made by water, particularly those surrounding streams or gullies. There was an interesting contrast here, between fluidity and predictability, where the imprint of moving water on the landscape was suggestive of the carving processes that we were originally inspired by.

The design process and development of Twist was collaborative and honest. We appreciated Instyle’s willingness to experiment and take the time to share with us the potential of the technology.