For the past ten years the Hoshi Armchair by Skeehan Studio has been a staple within both the Australian residential and commercial furniture spaces. Throughout this period, the classic armchair has undergone various iterations, reflecting the dynamic market and its ever-growing popularity. The latest evolution is Hoshi Butter, a softer iteration on the classic armchair.

Designed exclusively for Stylecraft Furniture, the Hoshi armchair marked a significant milestone in the partnership between Skeehan Studio and Stylecraft, paving the way for Tom Skeehan and his team to distribute furniture commercially across Australia.

The design was driven by a strong material narrative. The intention was to allow the honest expression of the material to drive the aesthetic; paring back to a minimal form that expressed the manufacturing processes.

Over the past ten years, Skeehan Studio has expanded the Hoshi Collection to include a diverse array of ottomans, side tables, and a lounge, catering to a wide range of interior and exterior spaces. As well as introducing Hoshi Colour, featuring brightly coloured frames and Hoshi Outdoor, allowing the chair to withstand the Australian climates.

The most recent addition to the Hoshi Collection is Hoshi Butter. Characterised by the classic Hoshi frame and a softer, more ‘buttery’ cushion. This brings both playfulness and sophistication to the Hoshi range. To celebrate the launch and the past ten years, Skeehan Studio has partnered with Kvadrat Maharam, selecting the perfect fabrics from their range to bring Hoshi Butter to life.

The versatility of the Hoshi Armchair has been instrumental in its acclaim, adoption, and relevance across numerous environments, and with the introduction of Hoshi Butter, its legacy continues to evolve for the next decade.

Hoshi Butter is proudly designed and made in Australia, launching at Melbourne Design Week 2024.