Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) was Friends & Associates’ second presentation – a showcase of furniture and objects by the most exciting names in Australian contemporary design. Running over three days from 14–16 June, A.G.M. presented 41 designers of various disciplines working within the fields of furniture, lighting and accessories.

Organised by Dale Hardiman and Tom Skeehan as Friends & Associates in collaboration with Emma Elizabeth


Kate Banazi, Rolf Bareford, Elliot Bastion, Jonathan Ben-Tovim, Christopher Boots, Christina Bricknell, Maddie Sharrock + Brooke Holm, Andrew Carvolth, Rosanna Ceravolo, Rhys Cooper, Adam Cornish, Thomas Coward, Walter Barda Design, Emma Elizabeth, Tom Fereday, Liam Fleming, Nicholas Fuller, Fred Ganim, Ross Gardam, Michael Gittings, Adam Goodrum, Jon Goulder, Volker Haug, Ebony Heid, Alison Jackson, Dowel Jones, Sarah K, Adam Markovitz, Ryan Mcgoldrick, Damon Moon, Marcus Piper, Timothy Robertson, Sagitine, Tom Skeehan, Geri Sloyan, Stellen Studio, A.C.V. Studio, Hava Studio, James Walsh, Charlie White, Damien Wright

A selection of pieces from LOCAL MILAN No.3 were on display during Annual General Meeting.

Supported by Local Design, MAX&YOU, Kvadrat Maharam, Avion Australia and Evostyle

Exhibition Design


Project Management

Brand: More Studio

Project creator partner: Dale Hardiman

Exhibition photography: Sean Fennessy

Campaign styling by: Nat Turnbull

Exhibition photography by Matthew Smith

The Design Files